Bob Moriarty’s Outlook On 2019

In a wide-ranging conversation, Bob Moriarty of 321 Gold discusses with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable geopolitics, economics, Bitcoin, precious metals and more.





Maurice Jackson: Joining us for conversation is Bob Moriarty, the founder of 321 Gold and 321, and also the author of two of my personal favorite books, “The Art of Peace,” and “Nobody Knows Anything.” Mr. Moriarty, welcome to the show, sir.

Bob Moriarty: It’s very good to talk to you today, and it’s very funny because those are two of my favorite books, too.

Maurice: Sir, it’s always an honor to have you on our show. I would like to begin our discussion on your outlook for 2019. What are some topics of interest that we should focus on beginning with the political and economic landscape of the United States?

Bob: You’ve got to separate those, and we can do that, from an economic point of view. The trade war is a total disaster. It can only do damage. It already has done substantial damage. I think the everything bubble has popped, and we could see some real fireworks in 2019! The stock market has either topped or will top soon. Gold and silver appear to be bottoming. Platinum is the lowest relative to gold it has ever been. So, I’m literally buying platinum and I’m buying silver right now. I think that we may have a few more weeks of tax loss silly selling in the gold shares. But, I think that resources look good for next year, and everything else looks bad.

Politically, there’s just no predicting what Trump will do. Every day I get up, I look, I shudder. I’m not sure Trump knows what he’s doing. But, you and I were talking off mic, and one of the things that I said was, everybody needs to own some gold, they need to have some liquid cash, and they need to have a passport. The world is very precarious. Certainly you can see from the riots in France how swiftly things can go bad, and that all has to do with government spending money it doesn’t have and increasing taxes to pay for it.

Now, the problem is, governments across the globe have spent so much money that they can never tax the people enough, and the people are getting very tired of the cost of living go up and taxes going up, and they know the government is at fault, and they’re going to start hanging politicians here, very soon, and 2019 could be a lot worse than 2008 ever dreamed of.

Maurice: Speaking of that, let’s shift the focus here a little bit and talk about it on a global context here. Regarding geopolitics and the world economy, you somewhat reference it here, but what has you concerned the most?

Bob: Trump.

Maurice: Which will suffice in and of itself.

Bob: Trump is not dealing with a full deck, now to the extent that I’m glad he was elected president, because Hillary Clinton was far worse. But, Donald Trump is not dealing with a full deck. We have a coup d’état in progress. It’s been going on for several years where the FBI, and the DOJ, and the CIA, and the NSA are all trying to over throw Trump, and that’s a very bad thing. That’s not a good thing. It’s a bad thing. Have you ever been in a riot?

Maurice: No, sir, I have not.

Bob: Well, for 20 years, I flew small airplanes all over the world, and there were a couple of times that I got caught up in riots because things just started getting crazy. I was in Pakistan, and the locals decided they would start breaking up all the places that sold liquor, and when a mob forms, you see people at that very worst. When the banks close, when people can no longer cash checks, when their plastic money doesn’t work, Americans are three meals away from chaos, and it’s going to be bad, and I’m serious as a heart attack. Everybody should have a plan for getting out of dodge.

Maurice: And again, that plan is for our audience, a passport, physical precious metals, and some cash. And with regards to cash, would it be in a particular currency?

Bob: Whatever the local currency is. If you’re Canadian, you need Canadian dollars, and if you’re American, you need American dollars. Here’s the flaw. If the banks close, and the U.S. dollar goes to zero, you still need dollars because that’s what people are used to doing trade in. I’m not saying you need dollars because dollars are going to be more valuable. You need dollars because that’s how you conduct trade. I’m quite serious everybody needs a plan B. When everything goes to shit, I’m going to get out of dodge.

Maurice: Moving on to resource companies. Who has your attention now and going forward into 2019?

Bob: Miramont Resources Corp. (MONT:CSE; MRRMF:OTC) is absolutely one. They’ve just received a drill permit. It’s a Quinton Hennigh company. They have two world-class projects in Peru. They will start drilling in January. I expect to start seeing results in February or March. I think they will be world-class results. I think the market will recognize it. The company has gone from 13 cents, 10 days ago, to 26 cents (CAD) now, and that gives a market cap of about CA$13 million. Could they be CA$150 million in six months or a year? Absolutely. They’ve got plenty of money. They’ve got CA$6 million in the bank, so there’s no risk whatsoever with them going out, doing a big financing; and I expect to see solid, good results in the next two to three months.

The second company would be Irving Resources Inc. (IRV:CSE; IRVRF:OTCBB). Same story there. You and I were at Irving. We looked at CA$25,000/ton rock. We looked at the sinter. They will start drilling the sinter in January, and you can expect to see results six weeks, two months later. And, when you drill through $25,000 rock, you get a meter or two, and you’re going to have a stock that’s explosive. Irving was $1.10 a share two weeks ago, and it’s $1.80 right now, and it’s still cheap.

Maurice: How about Novo Resources Corp. (NVO:TSX.V; NSRPF:OTCQX). That’s one of our favorites as well.

Bob: Who?

Maurice: Novo Resources.

Bob: I’ve never heard of them. I’m going to be a little bit cagey here. I mean, that’s a terrible thing for me to say. Novo is, literally, having their AGM as you’re doing this recording, and I don’t want to say anything about Novo, until I hear the results of the AGM. But, I was there a month ago, Nova has an extraordinary future ahead of them, good management, tons of money in the bank. Quinton Hennigh is an absolute genius. Everybody hates the stock now, and how many times do I need to say, “You need to buy things when everybody hates them, and you need to sell them when everybody loves them.” And, you got all these people at the chat boards whining and crying, “Oh my God, Novo’s at a new low,” and I’m thinking, “Why did they not see that as an opportunity?”

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Disclosure: 1) Bob Moriarty: I, or members of my immediate household or family, own shares of the following companies mentioned in this article: Miramont Resources, Irving Resources and Novo ...

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