10 E-Commerce Startups You Should Keep An Eye On

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing how new eCommerce startups are changing the online purchasing experience, from buying a cup of coffee, through planning the perfect vacation, and even to taking a cab.

Photo credit: Shutterstock

Photo credit: Shutterstock

Some might say that the most exciting services have already been developed. With giants like Amazon AMZN, Google GOOG, and Facebook FB firmly entrenched, and big eCommerce companies like Uber and Airbnb thriving, what role is there for new startups? In reality, the opportunity for new ecommerce startups is as great as it’s ever been. A more mature web economy requires an army of smaller companies to keep it humming along. For these companies, there is not only a great opportunity for growth and wealth creation, but also to help content providers, publishers, and other entrepreneurs tap into the incredible energy that drives web businesses.

Dozens of nascent e-commerce companies spring up weekly to compete with the thousands that are already established. It can be hard to sift through all of these web companies, so here are our favorite 10 small ecommerce startups that are helping to reshape the web economy. Before you know it, they may turn into the next billion dollar tech giants.

Neema – Taking care of the virtual currencies

Neema is a dollars to dollars banking system that uses digital currency as the middleman in the background. The front end dollar system allows this bankless market to have a solid and predictable currency standard with which to send, deposit or receive money, while carrying all the cross border, unregulated benefits of a digital currency. Neema handles all the messy conversion details in the background. Using the Neema service, users can pay online, get a credit card attached to the account, and of course, send money to other users with ease. The company is able to offer this option in a cost effective way given that it relies on a technology infrastructure based on Bitcoin. Analysts speculate that this is the next big thing in banking, despite still having difficulties and challenges since its rate is very volatile against the dollar.

The Israeli company won the first place at GKT Conference 2014, thus, securing a booth at Web Summit Ireland, the largest startup conference of its kind.

Mobilizr – What’s your selfie worth?

Most of the selfies we take usually go straight up to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter where they don’t provide any additional value, at least to the people who posted them. Mobilizr is looking to tap into this trend and reward users for the multitude of photos they snap with their smartphones.

Mobilizr created a mobile app that allows users to become “brand ambassadors” and get rewarded for the photos they post online. The idea is simple: a brand posts a campaign idea and Mobilizr users post selfies and other images along the guidelines of the campaign. Users are rewarded (with real money) for every like, share, and tweet their images generate.

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