Recent Stock Market Swing Trade Examples And Explanations

It continues to be a great time for swing trading. Here are some recent trade ideas that were publicly posted my TradingView feed. It has been a while since I posted “swing trading examples” on VantagePointTrading; the last one was in November.  Yet as mentioned above, you can always check my TradingView profile for swing trade examples as I do try to post regularly there.

I don’t post all my trades, but as I am doing my analysis a couple times a week I try to post one or two charts that capture my attention. Some months there are a lot, other months there aren’t. This could be due to market conditions, or I’m busy and not posting my findings.

Below is a sampling of recent trades, including wins, losses, and trades that didn’t trigger. All teach us something.

The methods used to find trades like these are covered in the Stock Market Swing Trading Video Course. The course covers how to find and swing trade US and Canadian stocks. The methods also work with stocks on other exchanges, although in the course I only show how to use stock screeners for US and Canadian stocks. If you trade another market, you’ll need to find a stock screener for your market.

I recommend only spending about 20 minutes each night, or even only one to three evenings a week, looking for opportunities. The course shows you how. Typically the good trades will pop out within the first 20 minutes of looking. If you have to spend hours finding a trade via one of the screening methods, it probably isn’t all that compelling of a trade. Keep it time efficient.

Recent Swing Trades

Here are some recent trades, with a bit of information on each. Hit the Maximize button on the charts below to see a bigger version of the chart. Hit “Esc” or the maximize button again to shrink the chart and keep reading.

These examples aren’t meant to be trade signals, but rather a supplemental learning tool to be combined with the Course. They show slight variations of the strategies covered and also just provide more examples. The hope is that more examples will aid in understanding and implementing the strategies better.

I live in Canada, so I post a lot of Canadian stocks. The concepts are the same whether trading US or Canadian stocks. No matter what stock we are trading, we wait for the setup, then place our stop loss and targets.

You will notice that all the trades on the list this time are long trades. That is because most people are buying and not shorting, and since the markets were in uptrends there were more buying opportunities than shorting opportunities. That said the TSX Composite, the Dow Jones Industrial, and the S&P 500 are all in strong reversal trade setups right now. This indicates another strong leg down, setting up a lot more shorting opportunities in the coming weeks. Just something to think about. In the Swing Trading Course, I cover how to trade whether prices are rising or falling.

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Disclosure: The author doesn’t have positions in these stocks currently, but may initiate positions if the stock prices slide a bit lower.

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