Peter Zeihan: China Is Collapsing -- Now

Demographer and geopolitical analyst Peter Zeihan is known for his brutally harsh take on China’s prospects. But the collapse he saw coming was always in the indeterminate future.

But in his latest video, he seems to have moved the terminal date up to … today. Some bullet points:


  • Chairman Xi has eliminated anyone capable of challenging him, guaranteeing that he gets zero (or at least very late) notice when things go wrong. The foreign minister and defense minister have both gone missing.

  • A sudden steep decline in borrowing and lending.

  • A demographic decline that has gone terminal. Birth rate down by 70% since 2017.

  • The loss of manufacturing capacity for some products and components that are crucial to the US economy.

Summary quote: “It feels like we’re looking at a broad-scale societal, economic, and political breakdown … They’ve already fallen off the cliff and only in the past few months has it become obvious.”

Video Length 00:09:47

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