Our "Come To Mao" Reckoning And The Next Cultural Revolution

Only fools are blind to the potential for this uprising to extend to Apple (AAPL) and the rest of Corporate America's greedy exploiters who've been delighted to profit from the protection of the CCP.

Let's start our "Come to Mao" reckoning with the obvious:

To the U.S. stock market:

The coronavirus ravaging China doesn't matter.

China doesn't matter.

1,500 deaths don't matter, 5,000 deaths don't matter, 50,000 deaths don't matter, 500,000 deaths don't matter.

10,000 coronavirus cases don't matter,100,000 cases don't matter, 1,000,000 cases don't matter.

All that matters is that exploited Chinese workers get back to assembling iPhones for Apple and all the landfill economy stuff that generates billions in profits for Amazon (AMZN) and the rest of Corporate America.

Nothing else matters. Even coronavirus cases and deaths outside China don't matter. All that matters is that Apple and the rest of Corporate America continue reaping billions in profits off exploited workforces.

Like every other venal, exploitive empire in history, Apple relies on rapacious, ruthless local elites to enforce its exploitation--in this case, Foxconn and the Communist Party elites who've gorged at the Apple/Foxconn trough. Thus Apple claims that when Foxconn re-opens production is up to Foxconn while Apple execs hound Foxconn to start production no matter how many workers might become ill and die.

Apple has always bought the best PR cover for its exploitation and greed that money can buy, starting with the famous 1984 commercial during the 1984 Super Bowl. That Apple ruthlessly exploits workers and the planet and pays essentially zero federal taxes--those don't fit its bogus but oh-so-glossy PR image.

Apple insists on $5 for you, Chinese workforce, and $500 for us. The greed of Apple is only surpassed by the greed of the elite fund managers who depend on Apple's ruthlessness to fatten their own gains.

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Gary Anderson 1 month ago Contributor's comment

Frightening but possible.