E Only Trump Can Go To Russia

One of the most annoying expressions coming out of the cold war was “only Nixon could go to China”.  As pointed out in National Review “Only a red-baiting, Commie-hating Republican could do something that would have been out of reach for a soft, left-liberal Democrat. Only a bellicose and unscrupulous anti-Communist, whose credibility with fellow conservatives would shield him from any domestic attack, could sup with the devil and become a peacemaker.”

Nixon was wily fellow who knew how to divide and conquer.  His crafty ways led him to take advantage of the Southern White dissatisfaction with the Civil Rights Act and convert  Democrats into lifelong Republicans.

Another foxy move by Nixon was to drive a wedge between the USSR and China.  A split between the USSR and China began to brew as the two countries debated the direction of Communism.  Nikita Khrushchev, premier of USSR from 1958 to 1964, was not as madly anti-West as Stalin and despite the Cuban missile crisis or banging his shoes at the UN, actually believed in co-existence with US.  Mao in China, as repressive and hateful of the West as Stalin, could not stomach the change in policy and a deep rift developed between the two Communist countries.  Nixon, sensing an opportunity, made a trip to China in 1972, wresting China from the USSR.  He be-friended China while continuing hostilities with the USSR.

Republicans have since kept Nixon’s policies intact.  Every Republican president has used the Southern Strategy successfully (Willie Horton, anyone?), been hostile to Russia, while cozying up to China.  Reagan did not bother much with China but was very tough on the USSR.  Bush 41 continued to be hostile to Russia but, a former ambassador to China, was weak kneed when it came to the middle kingdom (witness his pathetic response to Tiananmen Square).  Bush 43 may have seen Putin’s soul, but his policies to Russia were not any kinder or gentler, and after the airplane incident in Hainan, he basically left China alone.  Obama followed the Republican policy on Russia and China blindly, finally pushing Russia into China’s arms.  An economically weak Russia looked south at its much richer neighbor for succor.  This time, Russia embraced the Golden Horde.

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Gary Anderson 4 years ago Contributor's comment

China has sold treasuries before and they were absorbed. But this article gives a lot for people to ponder.