Meerkat, The Israeli Live Streaming App That’s Shaking Up The Social Web Explained In 12 Tweets

If you have not heard of Meerkat, I have one question for you. How are we even friends? I kid, I kid (partially). But seriously, I have not seen this much buzz about an app since the last Israeli internet sensation, Yo.

So what is this Meerkat thing that literally everyone who works in tech is obsessed with? It is a mobile app that lets you go live, as in live video in literally one tap. Once you hit that Stream button, the app automatically tweets for you letting your followers know you are live. They can jump in to watch you and from that second on, anything that happens in Meerkat, happens on Twitter. They “like” the stream? That’s a Twitter favorite. They share the stream? A retweet. They leave a comment on the stream? A Twitter reply.


I guess once you get that, you understand how this app has redefined the word “Viral” in just two weeks. But the Twitter integration aside, how did this happen? How has every single website on the internet, tech or not tech, written about Meerkat? How has CNN and NBC started using this app that was developed as a side project, an experiment, by a company sitting in Jaffa, Israel? How did this all go down? 

Before I get into my thoughts on the matter, let me just say that the viral nature of Meerkat is not just a geek thing. It is not just the techies who are excited about it, nor is it just some buzz. I “Meercasted” yesterday morning for an hour. An entire hour in which I sat and had a conversation with a CEO about his company and the tech industry as a whole. Now don’t get me wrong, it was an interesting conversation, but interesting conversations don’t usually have 100 people glued to their screen watching and listening the entire time. 100 people watched my stream and it generated almost 90 tweets. This level of engagement was remarkable to watch.

So what is the secret? Is there even a secret? Was this just some luck? Will this hype sustain itself or will it die out in a matter of days? All legitimate questions that many are asking themselves. Of course, no one, including myself knows, but I do have thoughts on what caused all the buzz and I shared it on Twitter this morning in the tweets below.

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