Golden Dawn For The Monetary System

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In this intriguing episode of BullionStar Perspectives, gold expert John Butler shares his vast knowledge of gold from a macro perspective, a monetary perspective, and a historical perspective.

As well as being the author of a number of well-known books on gold, and a former managing director of both Deutsche Bank and Lehman Brothers, John has extensive executive experience in varied firms within the gold and commodities space. Currently, John is Head of Treasury at TallyMoney, a gold-backed currency.

With so many geopolitical risks and monetary unknowns on the horizon, you will not want to miss this riveting interview, as John skillfully explains why gold is the ultimate asset and why we should expect to look forward to a Golden Dawn.

Video Length: 00:52:49

The interview with John is 52 minutes long and each topic in the interview is clickable as follows:

00:00 Introduction

00:56 The US Federal Reserve, inflation and Fed interest rate hikes

03:25 Fed emergency meetings and inter-meeting rate hikes

05:13 Commodity price inflation: Why are gold and silver not higher?

08:09 Gold price drivers and the structure of the gold market

11:02 Does the LBMA represent a cartel of bullion banks

13:55 Secrecy and Opacity in the central bank gold market

17:09 Portfolio Diversification: The inclusion of gold in a portfolio

20:43 Should the gold price reflect contemporary political risks

22:46 The Ukraine crisis: The importance of a historical perspective

28:50 Strategic rationale behind gold buying by Poland and Hungary

31:25 The recent gold buying by the Central Bank of Ireland

32:48 How a Gold Standard supports human liberty and advancement

38:10 How 1971’s gold convertibility suspension was a pivotal point

41:06 Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

42:08 Discussion of Tally Money, the gold-backed currency

46:01 Gold and its role in a future monetary system

50:38 Wrap up - Any plans for a new book?

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