A Widespread Revolt Against Chinese Leader Xi Jinping Picks Up Steam

Local protests in China are not unusual. Revolts against Chinese leaders are another matter because they risk imprisonment or death.

Workers Revolt

Chengdu, Sichuan, Chian

Verge of Chaos

Stared November 14 and Still Ongoing

China’s Revolt Against Zero-Covid

The Wall Street Journal comments on China’s Revolt Against Zero-Covid

China’s Communist Party runs the world’s most extensive surveillance and police state, so any public protest against its policies takes courage and runs great personal risk. That’s all the more reason to recognize the widespread demonstrations that broke out this weekend against the Chinese government’s draconian zero-Covid restrictions.

They reveal the public’s deep frustration after three years of the world’s most restrictive Covid policies that have shut down entire cities for weeks and months on government orders without public debate or recourse.

The trigger for the protests seems to have been an apartment fire in Urumqi, in Xinjiang province. Fire trucks reportedly had difficulty getting access to put out the fire, which killed 10. Xinjiang has been under its most recent Covid lockdown since August, and it is the Western province where Beijing has imposed mass confinement and re-education of the Uyghur Muslim minority. The protests spread quickly throughout China as young people in particular went to the streets. Some held blank sheets of paper, which has become a symbolic protest against the restrictions on speaking against the Covid coercion and other abuses.

Enough is Enough

Down with Xi Jinping! 

People were shouting: “Down with the Communist Party! “Down with Xi Jinping!” “We want freedom!”

Every of these slogans is enough to send a person to jail for 10 years or even a life risk.

Do You Dare? She Did.

End the Lockdowns

In Beijing, residents of dozens of compounds have organized themselves to challenge the lockdown enforcers and demand them to reopen the locked entrance. It seems that they have all succeeded, including Tiantongyuan, a massive community with 300,000 residents.

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