A Large Bill Is Better Than No Deal

Theresa May has just spoken in Florence and in my view gave a poor speech. She is still looking for a bespoke deal whereby the UK can have its cake and eat it too. That is, to get free trade in goods and services with the EU and be free to strike trade deals and control immigration without large payments into the EU budget.

She has finally admitted that there will be a large bill to exit from the EU and there is a need for a year "implementation period". It seems to me she is basically prepared to pay up billions in Euros so that for two years after March 2019 things basically stay virtually the same. She has failed to address key issues like... Northern Ireland, will there need to be a physical border or not? How much is more is she prepared to cough up to above the €18 billion which has been bandied about? What is the end destination? She said no to a Canada-like arrangement, no to the European Economic Area but has no idea what is achievable.

In my view there was a lack of clear specifics. To me it will be insufficient to meet the EU demands for greater clarity on the divorce bill, protecting EU citizen rights and the Northern Ireland issue. My view remains that she is a terrible Prime Minister, incompetent, out of her depth and  supported by a terrible team of lying Brexiteer enthusiasts BoJo, Fox, Davis and Gove.


Disclosure: None.

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