4 New Cryptocurrencies You Need In Your Wallet

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Thousands of new cryptocurrencies have popped up since Bitcoin (BITCOMP) was created in 2009. Some compete with Bitcoin, while others offer some kind of complementary use alongside the first-to-market coin. Here, we cover four "new" cryptocurrencies launched within the last five years that show a lot of profit potential.

You might be thinking it feels like the dot-com boom all over again with this cryptocurrency stuff. Just look at how many businesses failed in the tech space pre-2000. For many investors, that tech bubble was a graveyard of failed companies. But if you bought Apple Inc. (AAPL) or Amazon.com Inc. (AMZN), that graveyard was your playground.

Many cryptocurrency dissenters argue that most cryptocurrencies, too, will end up in a graveyard. They are not wrong. True enough, there are over 4,000 cryptocurrencies trading right now. And new ones are being added every day, as anyone can make their own. One man produced a crypto called "Scamcoin" as a joke, and it reached a $70 million market cap in an hour.

But while most cryptocurrencies will fail, those that remain will be the few that offer a combination of utility, security, and marketability. Thus far, Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH-X) are unbeaten in those departments, with a few "altcoins" – coins other than Bitcoin – battling alongside them.

It's hard to speculate on how this will play out – it's still early days in crypto. So we suggest you look at cryptocurrency investing like you would at startup investing or investing in IPOs. Diversify across a range of investments and look for quality. That gives you the best chance of landing an investment that will go hyperbolic. Here are a few new cryptocurrencies that could do just that.

How Cardano Could Replace Ethereum

Cardano (ADA-X) has been called the "Ethereum Killer" because it has much of the same functionality as Ethereum, but better. This is not hard to believe, because it's founded by five of the initial founding members of Ethereum.

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Bitcoin Bandit 1 week ago Member's comment

How are these "new?" Newer than Bitcoin, sure. What not exactly new.

Andrew Armstrong 1 week ago Member's comment

To crypto investors that's true. But I doubt lay investors have ever heard of these lesser known cryptocurrencies.