Platinum Stocks Will Soar As The Economy Roars Back To Life

A little over an hour’s drive west of the South African town where my wife grew up is one of the most valuable pieces of real estate on the planet.

The drive along the N4 highway going west is glorious.

Under the most beautiful blue skies on the planet, you pass towns with charming South African names such as Modderspruit, Elandsdrift, and Mooinooi (“pretty girl”). You dodge cattle and goats grazing along the verge. You dodge minibus taxis, too.

Take a random right turn, and you’re almost certain to end up somewhere that looks like this:

Kroondal mine image

That’s the Kroondal mine. It sits on the Platinum Complex, which holds one of the great untapped reserves of this industrial metal. So, it’s no surprise this mine is one of the world’s top producers.

And thanks to developments on the other side of the world from those African blue skies … so dear to my heart … that platinum is set to make smart investors very rich this year.

Here’s why you’ll want to “send” some of your money to Kroondal, even if you can’t make it yourself.


Even though it’s rarer than gold, platinum is primarily a commodity metal.

In catalytic converters, it helps turn carbon monoxide and greenhouse gases into carbon dioxide and water.

It’s also indispensable in the chemical industry, where it’s a catalyst for products essential to consumer, agriculture, and defense industries, such as nitric acid.

As a commodity metal, platinum benefits when the economy grows. Increasing demand pushes up the metal’s price, which makes companies that produce it more valuable.

That’s why, with a massive wave of government stimulus and consumer savings about to wash over the economy, we can safely be bullish on platinum.

But there are three other tailwinds behind the whitish-gray metal.

Tailwind No. 1: platinum’s price relative to palladium, the other metal used in catalytic converters.

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Almoni33 2 weeks ago Member's comment

the article contains a lot and more, but alas the main thing is missing -I am waiting and it is necessary that the author said - I will buy platinum at x price because there is a level. and if this level is sold that I do not understand anything about platinum. I will get a stop loss and start writing about rugby . But I don't see anything like that. It's blindness, apparently...