You’re Not Crazy

Guest post courtesy of Joshua M Brown


The resignation of General Mattis and the new bear market in stocks both have a silver lining. They’re the first signs in a while that you’re not crazy.

35% of America has lost its mind.

But the other two thirds has not.

It recognizes what is going on and it still reacts accordingly. You are not crazy. There are still things that matter. Others share your concerns. Daily developments still have some connection to an objective reality that the majority of people can agree is actually taking place.

There is a flight to safety in the investment markets taking place because the economic situation is slowing, cracks are appearing and people are growing more risk averse. The fake internet money evaporated into thin air, from whence it came. Zuckerberg is learning the consequences of digital robber-baronhood. It will be worse for Sheryl Sandberg. There are rules. Not regulations (not yet), but rules. Unwritten rules that govern how polite society views our actions. There is a shunning taking place now on a grand scale. You’re not crazy.

There is a flight away from an administration that seems to be deliberately dismantling and attacking the liberal world order and all of our domestic institutions. The last qualified, respected man in the administration just got on the last helicopter out of Saigon. Serious people are concerned. They have no power to do anything, other than to express disgust and walk away. It’s not great but it’s not nothing. You’re not crazy.

Wile E. Coyote finally looked down, two years after his feet left the cliff’s edge and he began running on thin air.

Its not you. You haven’t completely lost it. Reality is still reality.

And reality is making a comeback.



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