E When Will We Be Freed From Covid-19 Lockdown?

People are wondering when we could be freed from Covid-19 lockdown. The United States is a very large country and it is hard to make predictions. I have listened to influential people making predictions. Their positive predictions are certainly what we would like to see. But certainly circumstances could result in delays to the plans. At the end of this article is a discussion about the Fed and its balance sheet. We may be in this for longer than most people think.

The LPGA CEO, Michael Whan, was clear in his hope that mid June, 2020 would be when the tour got back. He said that if it isn't mid June then the season could be saved if July, 2020 was on the schedule.

Similarly, an airline anonymous source was saying that 25 percent of air travel could be restored in June and 75 percent could be restored by July. That is great, but clearly airplanes must screen their passengers and change the way they process people through airports. Is this even doable under current conditions?

Bill Gates has sounded an optimistic tone. Yet he said on the daily show that he is hoping people can go back to work at the end of summer. So, that really isn't optimistic is it? It is a bleak forecast. Families will break down if serious help does not come from Congress. I just don't know if Mitch McConnell is up to the task.

Stimulus Too Small

But this means going through April and May and maybe June, July and August with people at home not working. A measly $1200 just won't cut it. The government should really up the help to main street. From an article by New York Intelligencer:

$1,200 is the average rent for most Americans,” Natalie Foster, the co-chair of the pro-UBI organization the Economic Security Project, told The Guardian. “This first check is eaten up, and what are they supposed to do after that?

The $600 bonus unemployment insurance is a possible lifesaver for families and those who receive tips, but if they are kept on the payrolls they won't qualify. And we don't know how the tightfisted states will apply the program! And we don't know if the program will need to be extended. Republicans are worried about those folks not working. Well, truth is, spending is more important than working. People will work once people spend. That is how economics works.

But now Donald Trump is talking again about the cure being worse than the disease and about a second task force which will study when people can get back to work. If he thinks it can happen in a month or two it will have to be because the virus numbers go way down. There is a little hope that this could happen, but if people go back to work too soon, it could end up flaring up. I am encouraged to see retail employees wearing masks and gloves in recent days.

Clinton and Lack of Testing

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Gary Anderson 1 month ago Author's comment

Update 8: There is a lack of safety measures at many Las Vegas casinos just opening. There are tourists walking the streets in small numbers along with more cars on the strip. Be cautious, wear a mask!

Backyard Hiker 1 month ago Member's comment

I am truly baffled by the people who want to go to places like casinos, hotels and cruises. The weather has turned nice - so many great outdoor activities to do which are so much safer than being in a confined space with recirculated air.

Gary Anderson 3 months ago Author's comment

Update 7: McConnell does not want another round of checks to citizens. The first $1200 may be the last $1200. This could be a disaster.

Flat Broke 1 month ago Member's comment

Gary, is there an update? Is that the end of the stimulus benefits?

Gary Anderson 1 month ago Author's comment

It could be the end. It is up to McConnell.

Gary Anderson 3 months ago Author's comment

Update 6: China study proves Coronavirus can mutate often, making it more dangerous than thought. Also some areas of the world have a more severe form.

Gary Anderson 3 months ago Author's comment

Update 5: The Fed is setting up a Mainstreet Lending program. That should have been done during the Great Recession. Is it too late?

Gary Anderson 3 months ago Author's comment

Updage 4: We saw safety measures in the Burger King drive through. The guy who did money at McDonals drive thru didn't even wear gloves. Won't be doing that again.

Gary Anderson 3 months ago Author's comment

Update 3: Wuhan City is free from lockdown. But the open malls and restaurants are empty. Chinese people are afraid. Even if Trump opens society too soon, people will not trust him and will stay away from discretionary businesses.

Gary Anderson 3 months ago Author's comment

Update 2: It has been reported that 460, 000 Chinese companies closed permanently in the first quarter alone. The world will not be the same after the virus.

Gary Anderson 3 months ago Author's comment

Update 1: Anecdotal evidence from friend of a friend that people are still partying in New Orleans like Covid does not exist. Street racing, parties and bbq. Meanwhile case numbers are exploding there.

Alexa Graham 1 month ago Member's comment

All you have to do is turn on your local news station and see the protests and riots raging from coast to coast to know that social distancing has ended.