What Jerome Powell Really Said Plus Other Stuff


Inflation is up. We don't know how long it will keep going up. At some point it will stop. But, prices will not go back down. 😕

LOL...that's his definition of 'transitory!'

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Say goodbye to lower and middle-class America and small business owners...trying to recover from the worldwide crippling pandemic in the midst of all this rising inflation

Meanwhile, Joe Biden recklessly spends trillions of tax-payers' dollars on his pet projects and allows the non-stop flow of COVID-positive, unmasked, and unvaccinated illegal immigrants from all over the world to flood across the southern border (over one million, so far this year) and be transported by air or bus into unknown destinations in various states in America, while insisting that Americans get vaccinated and mask up again...and pay for all the costs associated with this mass migration process, including the care and housing of these illegals!

No wonder some members of Congress are fed up with all of this nonsense...I wonder why all of them aren't fed up and speaking out? Don't they care about their constituents?

At what point do President Biden's executive orders and policies become a dereliction of duty and a national security threat?

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We'll see if politicians are held accountable by voters during the 2022 midterm election...and the 2024 Presidential election. I wouldn't count on the Democrats and Biden holding onto power...who are more interested in stoking racism against JewishAsian and Caucasian Americans.

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