We Finally Got A Stimulus

PUA and PEUC benefits will also be extended to 11 weeks. The expiration of 14 million people on benefits would have been awful. That expiration was another catalyst for passing a stimulus. Yes, we need impending doom to get anything done in Washington.

Besides that, there will be $284 billion in PPP loans. The problem here seems to be actually getting small businesses the money as opposed to having it available. That transmission process hasn’t been fluid. Plus, there will be $82 billion in help for schools and $27 billion for transit. School employment has taken a hit as less workers are necessary for e-learning. The real solution here is to get kids back in classrooms permanently of course.

Then there will be $25 billion in rental money to avoid evictions. There will be $13 billion to help the hungry. There will be $10 billion for childcare and money for vaccine distribution. There is also legislation against surprise billing. The GOP’s liability shield and the Dem’s money for state and local governments weren’t in this bill. 

The GOP has been winning in both Georgia Senate races in the past 3 sets of polls. Some can’t see this race changing between now and January 5th because the holidays will take up people’s attention in the next 2 weeks.

Each City Is Different

The federal government doesn’t set most COVID-19 policies. Each state has different regulations which is positive in the sense that each state has different levels of outbreaks. It’s also positive because we can see what works and what doesn’t. The negatives are that it’s tougher to coordinate upon a unified basic understanding of the best approach. Plus, there could be states that go rogue. These differences are shown in the chart below.

(Click on image to enlarge)

As you can see, Florida has seen its seated dining hardly fall from early in the fall, while New York, Pennsylvania, and Illinois are down over 80% from before the pandemic. NYC has banned indoor dining. It’s freezing outside, making it tough to eat at restaurants. It’s much easier to order food and stay in. 

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Jason Green 2 months ago Member's comment

Unless Trump wants to do some havoc on his way out the door and refuse to sign!

Harry Goldstein 2 months ago Member's comment

Unlikely. Everyone wants this. It would make Trump immensely unpopular right when he's desperately clinging to power.

Texan Hunter 2 months ago Member's comment

Actually, according to the Wall Street Journal: "Family members of unauthorized immigrants are now eligible to get stimulus checks under the $900 billion deal reached last night," the Wall Street Journal's Michelle Hackman reported Monday. "That eligibility is retroactive, so adults excluded last time could get up to $1800 now."

If trump signs this, I will be surprised.

Flat Broke 2 months ago Member's comment

Sounds like Trump may veto the bill, but for different reasons:


Harry Goldstein 2 months ago Member's comment

Interesting Texan Hunter, hadn't heard that. Have a link?