E Troubled Times, Troubled Markets, Troubled Dollars

As sure as you're reading these words, the value/purchasing power of your dollars is in for a big change, a continuing change...a downward one. No one sees the dollars physically shrinking. The shrinkage is seen in how much--or how little--you can buy with the dollar.

There's a lot we aren't being told. Maybe we shouldn't listen to a lot we are told. These days of hyped and hyper-communication either means being confused and uncertain, or it mans homeschooling ourselves on markets and money, economies and investments.

If you've studied how money works you know that the Trade War is a signal that drastic change IS--not will be--taking place. Link that with the President's call for cheaper money--being able to borrow money for next to nothing. The Near-Zero cost of borrowing money tells us that the money isn't worth much, and you can count on it being worth even less.

Workers will be doing the same amount of hard work, but the dollars they're paid will hardly work. It hardly matters how employed you are if your paycheck covers the cost of fewer basic needs.

The Trade War is another form of wealth transfer--nothing more than a tax on everybody--workers, unemployed, students, and retired. That coupled with inflation-- a dollar that's mostly a gesture toward soaring prices--and we begin to notice lifestyle issues.

Then add the recent announcement that soon the government, instead of paying to reduce Trillions of dollars of debt, will only make payment on the interest owed on those Trillions. As a nation, our money has become so weak and our debt has become so strong--so huge--that our dollars are only effective when applied to the interest we owe on the massive debt. And every year Congress spends more imaginary dollars to maintain power, status, and to expand the US empire. The government will take care of the government. It may or may not take care of you.

Okay, the Trade War, Inflation, and Debt are parts of the problem affecting our dollars.  

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David Reynolds 1 year ago Member's comment

We certainly have our hands full with all of these troubles!