Interview: Andrew Yang Saves The Planet

Andrew Yang

I was really nervous for this one and giddy afterward. I’ve had a thousand questions for Andrew Yang, an American entrepreneur and former presidential candidate, and he answered all of them. We talk universal basic income, behind-the-scenes details of the campaign, law enforcement, career advice, and the most frustrating parts of running for president. Plus, will he run again? 

When I asked Andrew Yang about how he would reform police, I did not expect this answer and I 100% agree with him.

Video length: 00:58:27

Key Takeaways

  • Although Andrew dropped out of the race, he’s grateful that the idea of UBI has gone mainstream and is now being taken more seriously
    • “Hopefully we’ll see universal basic income implemented in the US sooner rather than later and I do feel like my campaign played a role” – Andrew Yang
  • “We have to face the facts that 42% of the jobs that we’re losing are gone forever…you’re looking at something like twice the impact of the Great recession in perpetuity” – Andrew Yang
    • “We’ve managed to stop the bleeding with the first stimulus package but it’s evaporating, the unemployment benefits are running out…We need something of the same scale and magnitude or else we’re going to see indescribable despair and suffering in the United States”
  • The automation of many jobs is accelerating and COVID is increasing the rate of automation:
    • “It’s taking what might have taken 10 years and it’s happening in 10 weeks…It’s going to be a nightmare for many, many people” – Andrew Yang
  • Many companies are speeding up their automation investments
    • “Businesses are going to do everything they can to maximize their bottom line” – Andrew Yang
  • How would Andrew Yang deal with police reform?
    • Have police wear body cameras
    • Invest in non-lethal weaponry (like bolawrap)
    • Invest in crisis and mental health workers
    • Create a department of justice task force around police misconduct to take pressure off of local District Attorneys
    • Demilitarize the police force (they don’t need tanks)
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Peter Craig 3 months ago Member's comment

Great interview.