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The Great Reset is already well underway and many of their objectives have been met, wholly or in part, thanks to COVID-19.

Objectives that are openly promoted by the WEF and the billionaire class/Davos Crowd include:

* Permanent massive reduction in air travel including the elimination of budget airlines

* Permanent reduction in the number of auto miles traveled (commuters), especially by vehicles using the internal combustion engine.

* Significant reduction of maritime activity, especially cruise liners.

* Further steps towards a cashless society and the introduction of central bank crypto currencies.

* Consolidation of business activity in large multinationals at the expense of small and medium size companies.

* Reduction in the number of non-productive consumers of food and energy, i.e. the aged. Especially notable success here in less than 12 months.

* Control of decision making by un-elected bureaucrats.

* Total media control.

* Global social credit score system based in the first instance on those who register and are vaccinated against covid. That database is currently growing by millions daily. Credit for vegans, deductions for meat eaters. FYI, the EU this week gave the green light for certain insects to be acceptable food products.

* Widespread introduction of universal basic income.

* Control of debate with dissenting voices silenced using technology.

* Encouraging the acceptance of eugenics as a smart science for the future.

Not necessarily a comprehensive list but a starting point for debate.

Naturally this will not apply to the Davos crowd who also happen to have the largest carbon footprints.

Disclosure: None.

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