Doubts Are Rising Over The Coronavirus


Doubts are rising over the coronavirus. Clearly, there is a lot of confusion and fear. Much of that is media and government generated.

Limited data are troubling. Yet despite the lack of data, government has made unprecedented moves to restrict freedoms and interaction. In the process they have jeopardized the national economy, producing unemployment statistics not seen since the Great Depression.

One would have thought that such drastic government reactions would be based on reasoned judgment and data. That does not appear to be the case as explained here and here by learned medical research personnel.

Doubts are rising over the coronavirus more rapidly than the “cures.” It is unclear that “cure” is even proper to use with these type diseases. While we have vaccines against strains of flu, the flu arrives every year and is pretty deadly to those with high risk medical conditions. That is likely to be the case with this virus.

Perhaps a vaccine is the best outcome. But does that mean we go through a lockdown and isolation every year when the disease is most dangerous? Closing down economies, even if it could stop the virus, is a cure worse than the so-called pandemic. If the “cure” turns us into a third-world country, how many will financially and emotionally survive? Suicides will rise and so will murders. Organized and efficient societies will be unable to adjust to such conditions. Will cities be abandoned? Will we have to learn how to grow our own food? How long before rioting begins?

The “solution,” if left in place for any length of time, will destroy more people than the virus ever could.

The ramifications of a shutdown are becoming clear to everyone. God forbid, we continue this shutdown to the end of April or longer. What is shaping up is a situation where government is patting itself on the back while the patient suffers. By printing money to hand out government is supposedly compassionate for what they have imposed on us. But such action, if it even works short-term, only makes people poorer in the end. More money and no increase in goods always produces higher prices. Nothing destroys a society faster than hyperinflation.

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