Dawn Of The Dead In The United States Of Voodoo

Dead Men Don’t Spend

The checks went forth.

And all the peoples rejoiced.

Stimulus blinders firmly attached! Let’s go! Mars is within reach! [PT]

Bloomberg reports:

As the economy reopens, consumer spending over the next two quarters is likely to be the strongest such period in at least 70 years with a rebound in services leading the way, according to economists at Wells Fargo & Co.

This is La Bubble Epoch… a gay time for all… full of farce and foolishness.

Tesla is going to the moon. Bitcoin is headed for Mars.

It makes us all giddy with excitement – 5G, 6G, 7G, 98G… million-dollar non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of cindered artworks and Michael Jackson “lactating”… negative real interest rates… Joe Biden… a free-range chicken in every pot and a stimmy check in every bank account.

All things are thought to be possible… even those that are physically, mathematically, and theoretically impossible.

And there is no longer any career risk or shame associated with saying or doing astonishingly stupid things.

Men can have babies, too – yes, we can! Farmers can plow backward to fool the crows.

But, OMG… You’re using the third-person singular masculine pronoun rather than the all-purpose, politically correct (though grammatically idiotic) “they”.


But that’s just a feature of the era. Things that don’t matter do matter. And things that do matter… well, fuhgeddaboutem.

Cockamamie Rip-Off

Our problem with this glorious age is that many things that don’t seem to matter right away – like a whiff of smoke on a dry California hillside, or a $3.3 trillion federal deficit – may become big deals later.

Here’s one… the biggest heist in history.

We refer to the $200 billion stolen from the “bailout” money. Here’s Yahoo Money on the story:

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William K. 3 weeks ago Member's comment

Quite an interesting article, but very unfortunately it seems to be rather correct. THAT is the bad part.