America In The Post-Freedom Era

The anger over Mister Hoover and his capitalist principles was so great amongst the electorate that Mister Roosevelt effectively became president for life. And Democrats held both houses of government for twenty years. Only the post-war prosperity broke their hold in 1952.

In 2016, my belief was that we would see a repeat of this history. Mister Trump would be the buffoon who, by virtue of his own ego, would be in place when the crisis began in 2020. At that time, COVID was nowhere on the horizon, but it has since then served as a perfect cover for the economic crisis that is presently under way.

When I first wrote on this prediction, just after the 2016 election, there could be no way to know for certain to what degree the Great Depression playbook would be repeated, but we now know that opposition to the Trump presidency, whether justified or not, has succeeded in polarising Americans to a greater degree than any election since 1860.

America is now at war with itself and the stage has been set for a lurch into collectivism, courtesy of the latest version of a Roosevelt presidency.

So, what does that mean?

Well, if the prognostication is correct – if those who rule the US from behind the scenes do intend to pick up where the Roosevelt presidency left off, and usher in collectivism – we shall soon get a look at how the ruling elite intend to roll out the plan.

President Joe Biden has already made several references to his role as being temporary, stating that if he disagrees with his vice president, he actually plans to step aside and even that he may “develop some disease and have to resign.”

It would not be surprising if the intent from the beginning was that Mister Biden was a shill who would pass the ball to a hard-hitting replacement – one who could not otherwise have been sold to the American people.

Kamala Harris dropped out of the presidential race in December of 2019, as she was only able to attract 2.8% of the Democratic vote. And as Democrats represent about half the electorate, that translates into about 1.4% of support from the American people.

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