What To Invest In - Seven Investments For The Next 20 Years.

The following is a compilation of the most fundamental investment ideas for a long-term stock & index fund portfolio. It’s especially fitting for anyone under 40 with a higher risk tolerance and at least a 20 year time horizon. Why these stocks in particular?

It’s the 21st century, and we’re living in a technosocialcelebconscious world; a world that’s becoming more automated, impatient, artificially intelligent, pot smoking, socially conscious, network-based, disruptive and subscription-based by the day.

You fuel this world. As a consumer in this economy, as someone who’s employed by this economy, you already buy long and sell short every day. Whether you know it or not, you are the fuel in this economy. Since you provide the fuel, you might want to share in the spoils, the advances from company success. Here are ways to invest and benefit financially from the progress being made.

1. Invest in the Network-Based Economy: What do Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, eBay, & Yelp all have in common?

Each ranks among the most valuable startups of the recent decade and all of them run according to the same model: a Network-Based business model, or a ‘platform.’

A platform company doesn’t manufacture the products or provide the services that get sold or offered, nor do they create the content that gets generated each day on the platform. Instead, they let the users do it.

The success of these envied companies has made the Network-Based economy the holy grail of business models for the 21st century. Network Based investments include the following:

  • GOOG Alphabet (YouTube, Google)
  • FB Facebook (Facebook, Instagram)
  • PYPL PayPal (Venmo)
  • TWTR Twitter
  • YELP Yelp

2. Invest in the Subscription-Based Economy:

Subscriptions — all the things you have on auto-pay — provide a valuable service to millions of subscribers who are happy to pay and pay and pay, on an ongoing basis.

The only point of concern here is if a new company comes along and disrupts the leaders in a subscription category. For example, if Apple can figure out how to make Apple Music more popular than Spotify, it may make Spotify obsolete.

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