Top 20 Blockchain Stocks

At the end of an amazing year in which cryptocurrencies went up 100-fold and blockchain stocks went ballistic we created a list of 20 Blockchain stocks.

Our research team was really among the first ones in the world to provide coverage on Blockchain technology, and what it means for investors. Our Cryptocurrencies such as BitcoinEthereumLitecoin and Ripple were not only spot-on, we were also among first ones in the world to publish them.

At this point, it is pretty fair to say that Blockchain has been at the forefront of our InvestingHaven’s forecasts, and we are glad to hear from our readers that they were able to score some decent profits from our calls:

  • Since we first tipped our readers on BTL Group in February of 2017, the equity went up 4-fold at press time and is clearly the strongest canadian blockchain stock.
  • Same for GAHC that went up 100 fold since our initial call therefore providing our followers with lots of free shares.
  • Our Cryptocurrencies forecasts were achieved as the Blockchain revolution is just starting to break out to the public.

Stages of the Blockchain bull market

As more and more conventional investors are hearing about the potential of the blockchain as a technology and the massive returns on investments from cryptocurrencies, they want exposure to these vehicles in their portfolio. This brings us to the important question of where are we now in terms of market phases?

We are definitely in the 1st half of the mania phase. Although many can argue that we are more towards the end of the mania phase which started in 2017 but we don’t believe so.

Note, our assessment of where we are in this mega bull market is a qualitative assessment, as objective as we can be based on the data points we deem relevant. It will only be after the facts that we will know for sure. So please do not take our assessment as the only truth.

In fact, most would assume that since the media started to accelerate the frequency of cryptocurrency coverage this year, and your neighbor started talking about Bitcoin, that’s it, the bubble is about to burst. But really, most people who are asking and talking about Bitcoin are still studying how they can buy it and what would be a reliable exchange to use. That is before they start phase 2 of the struggle: How to get verified and transfer the funds into the exchange.

Market stages Cryptocurrency

That being said, it means there is still a lot of money on the sidelines waiting to enter this bull market, which means we still have room for growth before a major correction or a even a cryptocurrency crash.

Multiple countries, central banks and corporations are in the exploring stages of theblockchain technology. When researching this market, we found out that the Blockchain tech and therefore Blockchain companies are booming in 2 markets in particular: Canada and Australia. We expect these companies and markets to continue in a positive uptrend for the next 50 years and even more.

Furthermore, even in the event of a cryptocurrency crash or even complete ban, Blockchain as a tech will still survive and that’s why we expect the tight positive correlation between cryptocurrencies and Blockchain stocks to start fading as more and more Blockchain companies start generating revenue and sharing their positive earnings.

To help our readers identify how they can play this, our article today will cover the 20 Top Blockchain stocks we’ve identified mainly within our 3 focus markets: Canada, Australia, U.S. (Nasdaq). These companies have diversified roles in the ecosystem of Blockchain stocks and their operations and services:

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