4 Hour Chart Elliott Wave Technical Analysis: EURUSD - Thursday, February 22

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EURUSD Elliott Wave Analysis Trading Lounge 4 Hour Chart, 22 February 24

Euro/U.S.Dollar (EURUSD) 4 Hour Chart

EURUSD Elliott Wave Technical Analysis


MODE: Impulsive

STRUCTURE: blue wave 1

POSITION: Black Wave 3


DETAILS: blue wave Y of 2 looking completed at 1.06985. Now blue wave 1 of 3 is in play. Wave Cancel invalid level: 1.06985

The "EURUSD Elliott Wave Analysis Trading Lounge 4 Hour Chart" dated 22 February 24, provides insights into the potential price movements of the Euro/U.S. Dollar (EURUSD) currency pair based on Elliott Wave analysis. The analysis focuses on identifying trends and wave patterns to guide traders in making informed decisions.

The identified "FUNCTION" in this analysis is "Trend," indicating that the primary objective is to understand and capitalize on the prevailing direction of the market. Recognizing the trend is crucial for traders to align their positions with the dominant market movement.

The specified "MODE" is "Impulsive," suggesting that the market is currently characterized by strong and directional price movements. Impulsive waves typically represent the main trend and can offer lucrative trading opportunities.

The described "STRUCTURE" is "Blue wave 1," which denotes the current phase within the Elliott Wave sequence. Wave 1 is usually the initial phase of a new trend and is closely monitored by traders for potential opportunities.

The designated "POSITION" is "Black Wave 3," indicating the current position within the broader Elliott Wave pattern. Wave 3 is often the strongest and most extended wave in the sequence, representing a powerful trend in the direction established by the first two waves.

Concerning "DIRECTION NEXT LOWER DEGREES," the analysis points to "Blue Wave 2," suggesting that a corrective wave is expected to follow the completion of the impulsive Blue Wave 1.

In the "DETAILS" section, it is mentioned that "Blue wave Y of 2 looking completed at 1.06985. Now blue wave 1 of 3 is in play." This implies that a corrective phase (wave Y of 2) has likely concluded, and the market is now in the early stages of the powerful impulsive wave 1 of 3.

The "Wave Cancel invalid level" is specified as 1.06985. This level is crucial for traders as it represents the point at which the current wave count would be invalidated.

In summary, the EURUSD Elliott Wave Analysis for the 4-hour chart on 22 February 24, suggests a strong impulsive trend with the market in the early stages of Blue Wave 1 of 3. Traders are advised to monitor the progression of this wave and be aware of the invalidation level at 1.06985.

Technical Analyst: Malik Awais

Source: Tradinglounge.com


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