E The Case Of Justified Monopoly - Google's Antitrust Lawsuit

Google (GOOG) has been facing a lot of backlash from state regulators concerning its monopoly over search engines. A month ago Google received several antitrust lawsuits from the justice department as they alleged that the tech giant is maintaining this monopoly unlawfully and not allowing room for competition. And several states like Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, Georgia, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Montana, Mississippi, Texas, and South Carolina, chimed in as plaintiffs in the case. This lawsuit is a result of a one-year investigation into the business practices of the company. 

This has only gotten worse as more groups are planning to file the same antitrust lawsuits against the company as well according to some individuals who were briefed on the matter, and it is said that this group is expected to be more than the previous one headed by Texas. Liberal groups from states such as Iowa, Colorado, New York, Nebraska, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Utah have expressed their wish to add their case to the Federal government. 

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In response to all the ongoing lawsuits from the state, Google has spoken up denying wrongdoing, saying that they have been conducting their business in good faith. And that their company is so influential because users and other institutions prefer to use them.

It is said that this new group plan to file their case in December and one of the individuals briefed on the case said that the federal district court expected the filing. The first group which was led by Texas announced their investigation against Google in 2019 with several attorney generals from all 50 states. And a year later the state is leading investigations on an online forum that does tech advertisement while the second group led by Nebraska and Colorado are opting for a more thorough investigation. Although this seems to be going on smoothly, things might be slowed down a little bit for Texas since the attorney general's office is facing a lot of challenges at the moment.

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William K. 1 month ago Member's comment

Wealth certainly can buy power, and certainly Google has the wealth to buy as much power as it wants to have. The fact is that size and wealth do provide power. And certainly, just like microsoft did, Google has paved it's way very well. Lower pricing and preferred placement "somehow" are provided, and amazingly enough, always allow it the benefit.

Of course, with Google the other thing is that privacy is gone, long gone, and will probably only return with the collapse of the internet.

Of course Google will win, since it has far more money than the state of Texas to spend.

Is this a god outcome? No, it is not.