U.S. Quagmires And Gold The Big Show Is Now

Another awesome day begins, for the world’s gold community.  

For the fiat community, the day begins in a more disturbing way. It begins with more silly cheerleading for FATCA stormtroopers, more attempts to ignore massive pressures on inflation, and more reckless buying of S&P500 stocks with CAPE ratios of 35 to 50.

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spectacular quaich pattern chart for gold

Elder gold community statesman extraordinaire Pierre Lassonde calls Jay Powell “A porcupine in a balloon factory”.

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Pierre isn’t a war analyst, but his take on inflation, and gold, is solid.

When a man who appears to be a five-time draft dodger tells Americans with no bomb shelters that they have nothing to worry about (in the 2021-2025 war cycle that I warned was coming and would be horrific), I get concerned. Very concerned. 

Speaking of crypto, please see below 

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enticing crypto money chart

This is a very disturbing preview of what is coming to America.

The war-mongering American government and its bootlickers have a macabre history of starting wars, promising quick victory, and getting a deadly quagmire. This quagmire is going to be the worst in the history of America. As both civil and global war cycles intensify over the next four years, I expect to see immense blood spilled… on US soil. The good news:

The Ukraine war has seen crypto regain respect as a money of the people (along with gold). The Elliott B wave may be over. If so, bitcoin is set to surge to $200,000 against US fiat, and higher!

Gold is the world’s most awesome asset, but what about “Little ‘Bro” silver? Well, I urged the gold community to sell silver for gold in 2011 and that worked out incredibly well.

Now? Now it’s time to sell “everything” and buy silver! When I say everything, I mean everything related to the stock and bond market indexes.

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stunning silver versus Dow weekly chart

Note the fabulous bull wedge breakout of silver versus the 30 most significant companies in America. In a nutshell:

I haven’t been this excited about silver since 1970… when I bought it maniacally for 10 years, and then sold it all in January 1980 to investors that literally lined up for two blocks in the street to buy it from me.  

I suggest the silver bugs of the world think hard about what I’m telling them right here and now… and make sure they have their party hats on!

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For U.S. stock market investors, I have a very different message. 

Amateur investors want to know the exact path for a market. That’s a major error. Professional investors lay out a number of scenarios, and then use winning tactics to manage all of them. 

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Whether the U.S. stock market collapses now or staggers a “last gasp” higher before collapsing is unknown. What is known is that I bought into the stock market in October 2008 and March 2020, sold out of it at the highs of 2021 and urged investors to pay attention to what I was doing.

What about the mining stocks? Well, a huge portion of the Western gold community’s population (aka the fear trade community) are significant business builders. If they don’t own businesses, they play significant roles in building and maintaining them.

That means most of them have an affinity to gold and silver-oriented businesses… mining companies. 

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Barrick chart

Significant bull flag patterns have appeared on a myriad of “miners that matter”.

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one of the most awesome charts for mine stock enthusiasts

GDX has broken out of a drifting wedge pattern on the daily chart, as gold bullion makes a charge to the neckline of the quaich pattern on the weekly chart.

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GDX weekly chart

There’s a massive bull wedge breakout in play. A weekly close over $35 ignites a momentum-oriented rally, and I expect that to happen this week!

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