The Real Causes Of The Global Energy Crisis

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The world is totally unprepared for the implications of the Energy Cliff on the global economy, financial system, and most asset values. I spoke with Dave at Goldcore TV about the “Real Causes” of the global energy crisis. While many believe this energy crisis is “temporary,” it’s not… it’s permanent.

Why? It has to do with the world oil industry now facing the Red Queen Syndrome. Thus, the ability of the world’s oil industry to maintain oil production at such a high current level is becoming impossible, soon leading to the ENERGY CLIFF. This factor is overlooked by government leaders, economists, and the mainstream media.

This is why it is important for investors to have exposure to physical precious metals as they Store Wealth because they Store Energy Value, and have done so for 2,500 years. When we understand that the complex global economy is nothing more than burning energy to produce goods and services, then money should be gold and silver. Fiat money doesn’t store energy value; rather… it’s a claim on future energy consumption.

I have posted the GoldCore TV interview below.

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