The Holy Trinity, Gold And Silver

The Holy Trinity is a concept in catholic Theology that describes God in three co-eternal persons: the father, the son, and the holy spirit. It shows a distinction, as well as the combination and unity of all three at once. This concept is also present within other religions. In ancient Egypt, their Holy Trinity unified Osiris, Isis, and Horus. In Hinduism, the concept of Trimurti describes the unity of the Gods Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu. Other religions, most prominently Judaism and Islam, reject this idea completely.

But how did we end up here? This report should have treated the gold and silver prices, shouldn’t it? Don’t worry, we will get there! The concept of the trinity can be found in many other areas as well. We all know the saying: All good things come in threes. Certainly, religious thoughts and customs might have influenced this saying, but this saying this mainly grounded in the fact that in Medieval Europe, a defendant had three chances to appear in front of a court – if he did not, then the sentence was proclaimed in his absence.

Gold and silver fanatics

Now, we have two analogies that we can apply to the developments in the gold and silver market. First, there is the religious aspect. Over the years, we started to understand that for many, investing in these commodities has little to do with rational factors, but is rather based on an almost fanatic belief in them. The Holy Trinity, in this case, is that hardcore gold and silver fanatics believe that these metals are the only safeguard against inflation, deflation, and currency reforms. As is the case with all fanatic beliefs, great damage is just around the corner.

In such a state of mind, one is prone to overlook important factors that need to be included when making investment decisions. Often, this is amplified by people who spur these radical views, in order to profit themselves – it is always the same pattern. Unfortunately, we have come to the conclusion that many investors in the gold and silver market became more radical under the lead of almost all religious leaders, who do not accept any other opinion on the topic of commodities. This does not only take away real chances in other markets but in the very same commodities market as well. Like in any other area of life, the right balance is key.

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Very interesting, thanks for the read.

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My pleasure!