The Great Reset

On March 2, I published an article entitled "Forced March Towards the Reset".

You can read it again from A to Z. Oil has collapsed to the bottom, as announced. American indices fell where I expected them, in perfect timing. The economic world has stopped so well that the United States has lost 53% of its GDP and a quarter of the working population is unemployed. The US tax revenues have been at their lowest level since that date and without monetary creation, the United States could not honor its debts.


Remember the liquidity crisis in the REPO market on September 16, 2019, the Fed had to inject $200 billion.

Three months later, to avoid the crisis announced for New Year's Eve, the Fed had to release $500 billion in liquidity.

Three months later, at mid-March, in the midst of a stock market crash, the Federal Reserve injected $1 trillion into the REPO market, even while Congress passed the Cares Act to inject more than $2 trillion into the economy.

Three months later, this Thursday, June 15th, leaks from the White House announced a new $1 trillion infrastructure stimulus plan.

Given the geometric progression of cash requirements during these quarterly crises, how far will this monetary creation go?

The Federal Reserve created $3 trillion, ex nihilo, repurchasing the debts of the companies to avoid bankruptcies in chain, and repurchasing the Treasury bills so that the administrations continue to function. The Fed's balance sheet went from $4 trillion in January to over $7 trillion in just 3 months. It will probably exceed $9 trillion at the end of the year.

This monetary creation of all the central banks will lead to very strong erosion of the purchasing power of the currency. You’ll be able to measure it over the next few months in gold and silver.

In "Forced March Towards the Reset", there was a message repeated several times voluntarily, remembering an insider's confidence, a few years ago:

"One day, you will see all values collapse in every market. This strong leg downwards. will be followed by a bullish rally, a technical retracement, before the stock markets fall again. Only two values will continue to rise, that will be gold and silver. That day, you should only have physical gold and silver."

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