Tariffs Terror Stocks Crash & Gold Soars

The short seasonal rally for gold that typically follows India’s Akha Teej holiday (May 7 this year) is in play but this time it is being “juiced” by a major US stock market meltdown!

In a game with nine innings, the US business cycle is probably in the eighth or ninth inning.  

Stock market welfare programs provided by central banks (QE and intense rate cuts) have extended the bull market in stocks.QE is a vile form of corporate socialism. Horrifically, QE is maniacally embraced by governments around the world. 

Extreme interest rate cuts are a tool to attack elderly savers and make small business loans unprofitable while promoting stock market buybacks that enrich the elite. These rate cuts and QE also promote government debt worship.

The debt worship, which is particularly prevalent in America, has exponentially increased the danger of a 1929-style global stock markets crash. Ominously, it’s happening as the business cycle peaks and a wave of de-dollarization is racing across the globe.

US oil company profits have played a big role in overall stock market earnings, and oil suddenly looks quite shaky. 

The tech-weighted Nasdaq has done better than the Dow in recent years, but the latest tariff tax tantrums thrown by the US and Chinese governments could become big nails in the overall earnings growth coffin.

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Mike Wilson is one of America’s most influential stock market analysts. He suggests that America is headed for a recession if more tariffs are coming. I’ve predicted more tariffs are on the way, and here to stay!

The tariffs are here for the long-term because the decline of America as lead empire is long-term. Some major bank economists and analysts are also beginning to adopt this view. 

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The Dow has gone nowhere since the tariff taxes were launched. I predict it will continue to go nowhere. 

Horrifically, at this stage of the business cycle, a meltdown is as likely as sideways action. The only people making any money in this stock market are short-term traders and dividend investors. 

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