Precious Metals And Sound Money: A US Perspective

In the latest episode of our BullionStar Perspectives video series, Stefan Gleason talks to Ronan Manly about sound money and precious metals, and the success of sound money initiatives across both State and Federal levels in the US.

Stefan Gleason is the founder and president of US nationwide precious metals investment company, Money Metals Exchange, as well as director of the Sound Money Defense League.

Video Length: 00:52:18

The interview is 52 minutes long and each topic in the interview is clickable as follows:

0:00 Introduction

00:39 Mission of the Sound Money Defense League (SMDL)

02:39 Sound Money and how it relates to the US Constitution

07:25 The Monetary Metals Tax Neutrality Act

10:56 Audit the Gold -The Gold Reserve Transparency Act

16:20 SMDL initiatives on State level precious metals sales taxes

20:47 Advantages of reducing State taxes on precious metals

23:03 The SMDL Sound Money Index of US States

25:39 US dollar depreciation and gold clause contracts

27:32 Factors measured by the Sound Money State Index

30:57 Face value of gold coins and traveling through Customs

36:44 Views on the #SilverSqueeze movement

39:16 Price discovery and ownership forms of silver

43:52 Inflation, Commodities and Hard Assets

50:51 Wrap-up

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