Offshore Gold Ownership Is Essential To Any IRA

Prudent investors have held precious metals in their portfolios for thousands of years. Since 1998, when precious metals first qualified to be held in IRAs, that trend has continued for the same reason - because precious metals are still the only form of money that is not simultaneously someone else’s liability.

Precious metals are sometimes assumed to be in the same category as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc., but they are not. Each of these investments can go to zero. Precious metals will always hold value. For this reason, whilst stocks and bonds, if managed well, may serve as useful investments, precious metals provide far more certainty as a store of wealth.

An IRA is All About Certainty

In the day-to-day investment world, individuals speculate, and some will even gamble, hoping to increase their level of wealth. However, an investment in an IRA is different. An IRA requires certainty – the knowledge that, however well or badly you do with any other investments, the IRA is certain to be there when it’s needed. Therefore, your IRA should be focused on those investments that, in bad times or good, will be solidly funded no matter what unpleasant surprises the market may create.

Typically, an IRA is invested in stocks, bonds and/or mutual funds. In good economic times, this isn’t a bad idea. It goes under the assumption that your investment dollars will build, as dividends will be reinvested in the IRA.

Unfortunately, in perilous economic times the reverse is true.

The Times, They Are A-Changin’

When Bob Dylan wrote that song title in 1963, he certainly wasn’t thinking about his retirement fund, but it fits today’s economic climate. The world’s foremost countries are far deeper in debt than they’ve ever been, and the methods being used to hold the house of cards together are rapidly approaching the desperation level. To exacerbate the situation, both the stock and bond markets are well into the bubble stage. They could pop a year from now, or they could pop tomorrow. That fact tells us that, if we’re invested in a retirement fund, we need, more than ever, to make sure that it will be unaffected by the crashes that are to come, since we’re unlikely to be forewarned of a crash.

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This, ironically, is actually the last consideration, as, without the other considerations being assured, even the strongest, most reputable facility would fail to assure the investment safety ...

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