New POTUS, New Gold Bull Market?

Joe Biden’s election as president and his first economic proposal proved negative for gold prices, but the presidency might yet turn positive.

The 46th presidency of the United States has officially begun. What does that mean for the U.S. economy, politics and the precious metals market?

Let’s start by noting that this will not be an easy presidency. The epidemic in the U.S. is raging, the economy is in recession, and public debt is ballooning. Foreign relations are strained while the nation is strongly polarized, as the recent riots clearly showed. So, Biden will have to face many problems, with few assets.

First, as he turned 78 in November, Biden has been the oldest person ever sworn in as U.S. president. Second, his political capital is rather weak, as the 2020 election is more about Trump’s loss than Biden’s victory. In other words, many of his voters supported Biden not because of his merits but only because they opposed Trump. Third, he will have the smallest congressional majorities in several years. Democrats have only ten more seats than Republicans in the House and the same number of seats in the Senate. And even with Kamala Harris as a tie-breaker, Biden could not lose a single Democrat senator’s vote to pass any legislation in Senate.

On the one hand, Biden’s tough political position seems to be negative for gold prices, as it lowers the odds of implementing the most radical, leftist political agenda. On the other hand, Biden’s difficulties also lower the chances of sound economic reforms, which is good news for the yellow metal. A divided Congress and Democratic Party with an old president at the helm, who has a weak personal base could result in political conflicts and stalemates which would prove positive for gold.

When it comes to economics, Biden has already presented his pandemic aid bill, worth of $1.9 trillion. The proposal includes direct payments of $1,400 to households, $400 per week in supplementary unemployment benefits through September, billions of dollars for struggling businesses, schools, and local governments, as well as funding that would accelerate vaccination and support other coronavirus containment efforts. Biden also wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour, which will not appeal to Republicans. The big size of the package will also be disliked by the GOP.

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Erikas Ivan 3 weeks ago Member's comment

Thank you for the article. It seems that every President has its own narrative, but as I recall, Trump was also positive for gold as well. But indeed, everything that you outlined for President Biden now seems to be applicable when it comes to his debt policy, so we will see. Regards.