Is Silver A Key To The Future?

The recent news about a potential attempt to squeeze the price of silver higher has attracted the interest of millions of people who may be new to the precious metals markets and in particular the silver market. The purpose of this blog will be to provide fundamental educational resources to learn about these markets and their longer-term prospects. Having followed these markets now nearly 20 years, I have learned that having a solid basic educational foundation is important to anyone who may be thinking about investing in this market sector. It is not the purpose of this blog to offer investment advice in any way. 

Basically, as we follow these markets, we will look for the highest quality information sources to provide readers here with the tools to better evaluate the precious metals market sector and therefore be in a better position to make personal decisions in the months and years ahead as they consider where to allocate their investment capital. 

Since silver has been in the news in a big way most recently, let's start with a few basics on silver with a Q&A style format below. 

Q: What is silver?

A: Silver is a metal (not a rock) listed under the symbol Ag in the Periodic Table of Elements. 

Q: How do we get silver?

A: Silver is mined out of the ground in various ways. Large deposits of land that may have soil containing silver on or near the surface use "open pit mining" to extract the silver from the ground. Silver veins that may be further underground are often mined differently in underground tunnels or shafts (this is often called hard rock mining -see pics here). Silver is often found in combination with other metals such as gold, lead, and zinc. Silver is found mixed with soil and rocks and must be processed to separate out the pure silver. 

Q: What attractive properties does silver have?

A: Silver has several attractive properties including a bright luster, ductility (can be made into thin sheets), malleability (easy to shape), conductivity (the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal), solubility (ability to be dissolved), and density (it is a dense metal).

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