Gold Stocks The Greatest Rally Begins Now

Why is Jay Powell so adamant that inflation is temporary?

If the Fed acknowledges that higher inflation is ingrained, it must raise rates and kill its QE welfare programs for stock, bond, and real estate investors. That’s the last thing the Fed wants to do.

Jay won’t be announcing any QE welfare for Hurricane Ida victims. There won’t be any QE for medicine for the elderly, nor for overloaded ICU units. Tiny businesses ruined by lockdowns get no printed fiat from Jay.

The 2021-2025 timeframe is a potential war cycle. A war between Main Street America and its elite is possible and arguably likely, given the outrageous actions of the Fed.  

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US stock market chart

The market is incredibly overvalued, with many PE ratios essentially rising towards Pluto! 

Jay and the rest of the Fed do not care how unaffordable home prices are, how overvalued the stock market is, or how much government debt has been enabled by QE. All the Fed appears to care about is keeping the party going. The big question for investors: 

Will the Fed continue to promote this disgusting welfare for the elite that is paid for with the blood of Main Street?

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stock market tactics chart

Investors can use my key 10,100 moving average signals on the 2hour Nasdaq ETF QQQ chart to get them out of the market before a major Fed-related tumble occurs…

And to stay in when the market “impossibly” roars higher! The bottom line: The Fed’s actions have created a Zimbabwe-like stock market in America. Moving averages tend to be the most reliable tool to manage risk and enhance reward in this kind of situation.

Savvy investors in Zimbabwe’s past hyperinflation crises bought the stock market and then put their winnings into gold bullion.  

The end of the American fiat empire likely requires similar tactics… if investors want to survive and prosper.

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