Gold, Stock Market, & Crypto Key Tactics

The great USA nation appears to have devolved into the “United Socialists of America”. What happened?  

For the likely answer...

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“disturbing yet comical” long-term chart of the US fiat dollar versus gold

History shows that once a nation embraces unlimited supply paper money and abandons gold, it embarks on what is best termed a “financial sleigh ride to Hades”. It happens regardless of which political party tries to play skipper with the fiat ship.

Citizens are now getting paid more “stimulus” payments to stay home than to go to work. They are urged to invest these universal basic welfare payments into the financial markets… and to buy houses with enormous leverage.

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Nasdaq ETF chart

As the printed welfare money flows into the stock, bond, and real estate markets, the US central bank “juices” the socialist theme, by buying bonds and mortgages with even more electronically issued fiat.

While these welfare payments make the markets look good in the medium-term, I’ll dare to suggest that the Nasdaq, Dow, and SP500 are in the final throes of an ominous “Elliott Super Wave Five”.

Fundamentally, America appears to be at a time point that is a hybrid of 1928 and 1966. As the current “growflation” theme transitions into stagflation, US money managers are likely to embrace a 10%-20% allocation to gold… which is the norm in Asia.

The average citizen in the West will also begin to embrace gold as a sensible asset class to invest a portion of their fiat money. They need to do this before their fiat gets ravaged by the insidious inflation genie that is rising out of the bottle.

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spectacular long-term gold chart

I’ve been outlining the likely formation of a gargantuan inverse H&S bull continuation pattern since 2012. Now it looks like a sculpture carved by Michelangelo!

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