Gold Market Update - Set To Soar As Hyperinflation Looms...

We now have a very rare setup for gold which is in a position to “go ballistic” as the dollar collapses. The dollar is being intentionally destroyed by the Fed which is creating dollars in vast unprecedented quantities in order to buy up distressed assets on the cheap and in order to pave the way for the new “digital dollar”. We are in the last stages of the fiat endgame where money creation goes vertical, quickly leading to it becoming worthless, as happened in Venezuela and Zimbabwe, and of course, hyperinflation is a great way to pay off debt, because you can do so with worthless currency.

There are two worries that have been vexing would be investors in the Precious Metals sector in recent weeks. One is that gold and silver won’t rise much because big banks like JP Morgan will cap it by dumping onto the paper market. The other is that Cryptos are “stealing gold’s thunder” and siphoning off funds that would otherwise go into the Precious Metals.

Starting with the first worry. The key point to keep in mind is that gold is “real money” and this being so the idea that a currency like a dollar can collapse towards zero and gold won’t go up because the banks will be selling it on the paper market is both absurd and ridiculous – what would happen is that an untenable massive gap would develop between the price on the paper market and the price on the physical market, and the paper market would become rapidly irrelevant and obsolete, so we don’t have to worry about that. In fact, to the extent that they are actually suppressing the gold price, all they are doing is creating a “pressure cooker” effect that will lead to a massive upside explosion, but you certainly don’t want to wait for that to happen before you take positions across the sector.

With respect to cryptos “stealing gold’s thunder”, one reason that cryptos are going ballistic now is that the NWO (New World Order) plan to use cryptos as the vehicle to pay the Universal General Allowance (UGI) to the dispossessed serfs who are permitted to live in their new system. In order to qualify for this, they will have to be fully compliant with all the dictates of their Masters which will of course include being vaccinated. Catherine Austin Fitts makes some very interesting points about what this will entail in her video Planet Lockdown. Apparently, and of course unknown to the average clueless clod lining up to be vaccinated, the vaccines are a key step on the road to transhumanism, the merging of man and machine, where the vaccines, or later booster shots, include elements that will permanently hook up and communicate with the extensive global 5G grid currently being rolled out, eventually enabling complete control of the individual who will be subject to penalties for any non-compliance, however, this should be less of a problem with passing time as the person merges with the matrix and loses his or her individuality. Catherine Austin Fitts describes the vaccine implants as an “operating system” which seems logical given Bill Gates’ history. Knowing this you will readily understand why it makes sense to avoid being vaccinated for as long as possible. If the vaccinations are anything like Microsoft operating systems, they will have a lot of glitches, requiring a lot of booster shots (forced updates/patches), but whereas you might only suffer the “blue screen of death” with a computer operating system, it could be the “real thing” with the vaccine, but who cares, the world’s overpopulated, right?

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