Gold In 2021: Will It Be Fun?

13.    In the 1970s, the Fed raised rates to cut off inflation, but the debt to GDP ratio was only about 40% when Jimmy Carter was in office.  It could be 200% in 2021.  With debt in the stratosphere, the Fed will be very reluctant to raise rates even in the face of strongly rising inflation. 

14.    That’s great news for gold!

15.     Double-click to enlarge this daily silver chart.  Silver can probably climb back to the $30 area highs by March or April, just based on the Chinese New Year and US government stimulus price drivers.

16.        Gold could rise to $2100-$2400 in that scenario, but from there a substantial price reaction is likely, taking gold back down towards my key support numbers of $1788, $1704, or $1666.

17.        To push gold towards $3000 in a good growth environment, Western hedge funds and money managers who trade on the COMEX would need to see not just projections of inflation… but get a blast of it right in the face.

18.        The bottom line is that the next few months look very good for gold, but in 2021 H2 some patience will likely be required.

19.        There are some black swans that could change this outlook and a potential 2021-2025 US war cycle is one of the more ominous swans. 

20.        Throughout history, the world’s empires have a displayed a nasty habit of meddling in other nations, murdering and starving citizens in the name of “great regime change”, using debt to fund their mayhem, brainwashing the citizens into applauding the madness, and the current American empire is no different than the empires of the past. 

21.        Clearly, history does rhyme.

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