Energy Report: Somebody Like Him

Climate Czar John Kerry took a private jet to Iceland in 2019 to receive the "Arctic Circle” award for climate leadership Fox News reported. Of course, one should forgive what one might see as hypocrisy because as John Kerry said so plainly that flying in his private jet is “the only choice for somebody like me”. You see John Kerry deserves special treatment and forgiveness for his carbon sins because as he says he is  “traveling the world to win this[climate] battle."

On the other hand, people like you and those in the energy industry are not worthy to keep their jobs. If you had any dignity and climate consciousness, you would quit your job and go find work in a solar panel plant. The U.S. oil industry dared to innovate and change the world with the fracking revolution. It made the members of the Paris Climate accord, which John Kerry said he helped draft, look bad because they helped reduce the US carbon footprint by replacing coal with a new abundance of shale natural gas. This is a terrible thing that the U.S. energy industry did in Kerry's eyes because it signaled that the world does not need a new energy plan to save the planet. The planet is doing just fine. Kerry and his cohorts prefer to ban all fossil fuels. 

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John Kerry was mighty offended when the U.S. backed out of his climate accord masterpiece. He thinks that because of this terrible offense, the U.S. and their workers should pay a price. Our fearless climate leader says that the U.S. needs to make up for lost time for the withdrawal from the Paris climate accord. U.S. citizens must pay the price and so John Kerry and President Biden will take your jobs and have them relocated to China or India, countries where because of economic reasons, have no choice but to pollute. We must pay the price in higher gasoline and energy costs and reduced economic growth so our beloved Energy Czar can hold his head high when he flies in a private jet to receive his coveted  “Arctic Circle “ Iceberg sculpture award.

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