E Drawing A Bead On Inflation

Something Everbank's Chuck Butler wrote in Friday morning's "Daily Pfennig" column set me to thinking. "Inflation," he wrote, "is rising, and so is the price of Gold."

I'm convinced that inflation is like wool pulled over the eyes of most Americans. They don't understand how it pilfers their pocketbooks, bank accounts, savings, investments, lifestyles, and future well being...and they don't understand that the Fed and the government are shameless wool pullers.

Thankfully, the wool becomes threadbare at a certain point of awareness. The old saying that "Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it," does not apply to inflation. And I hope our "talk" leads to the awareness that there's plenty you can do before rising inflation morphs into hyperinflation.

Here are some thoughts that I first sent to family and friends, and after one of them wrote back saying he "LUVED" my comments, I decided to share them via TalkMarkets.

Inflation leaches wealth from tax-paying, working Americans.

Inflation masquerades as growth of Gross Domestic Product, and is loved by central banks, governments, and economists.

Inflation enables governments to spend, to waste, to become indebted, and to reduce debt with cheaper dollars.

Inflation is just another way of saying, "Unsound money."

Inflation is just another way of saying "Dollar Destruction."

Inflation is the resident fox...in the hen house.

Inflation is just another way of saying, "Everything costs more these days."

Inflation is just another way of saying, "I don't know why I can't make ends meet anymore."

Inflation is just another way of saying, "Paycheck (income) shrinkage."

Inflation means "Reduced standard of living."

Inflation means that gold is the standard by which dollars are judged and are found to be a less desirable medium of exchange.

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Thomas Mitchell 3 years ago Member's comment

I agree, #inflation is the evil of the masses, benefits the spenders and borrowers at the expense of the frugal and savers. But how does one protect their investment from the ravages of inflation? #Gold and #silver are not proven to be a source of wealth in inflationary times and also do not provide any income?