Consequences, Crashes And Coronavirus

Breaking News:

  1. Exponential growth in COVID-19 cases is frightening, just like exponential growth in debt, government expenditures, and “borrow and spend” policies.
  2. The COVID-19, aka World War C, is a game changer, a reset.
  3. U.S. official cases on March 5 were 159.
  4. U.S. official cases on March 21 exceeded 24,000. Hmmmmm!
  5. U.S. official cases on April 21 exceeded 823,000, if you trust their numbers…
  6. COVID-19 will be blamed instead of greed, corruption, bad policies, fake money, excessive spending and unpayable debt.
  7. But, to move forward, the US will increase government spending, bailouts, loans and national debt. Never waste a crisis!
  8. S&P500 companies bought back over $4 trillion in stock to reward management and shareholders. Now those companies demand federal bailouts. Privatize profits, socialize losses.
  9. The Fed has bailed out financial firms, traders, banks and hedge funds since September – $ 2 trillion in new QE. More bailouts are coming. Read about Hedge Funds.
  10. Stock and commodity markets are crashing and rallying with unusual volatility. See below. Read: “Global Repricing of Assets Can’t be Stopped.”
  11. The DOW closed at 29,551 on February 12. It closed at 23,018 on April 21, down 22% from its high. Boeing stock is down 68% from its March 2019 high. A 2008 “bloodbath” comes to mind, except this reckoning remains in the second inning.
  12. Crude oil spiked down to negative on April 20. YIKES!
  13. Gold and silver prices on the COMEX derivative exchanges have fallen. Prices for real silver coins and bullion have declined far less because premiums rose. The same happened in 2008 before the huge runup in gold and silver prices.

Global Consequences Affect Everyone:

Cities and states have shut down, hospitals are overwhelmed, infections and deaths are rising exponentially, sporting events, restaurants, bars, and shopping centers are closed, and more. Unemployment is spiking higher. Bankruptcies and late payments will double or worse.

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