9 More Analysts See Silver Going Much Higher This Decade

More and more analysts are forecasting a significant increase in the price of silver over the balance of the decade and below are their projections which complement a previous list of 22 (see here),  along with those of 65 other analysts (see here) who also see gold going dramatically higher.

  1. Bryan V. Post, CEO of Satori Traders,
    • sees silver reaching $50 by 2023 and eventually reaching $600 per troy ounce.  Source
  2. Citigroup Inc., , 
    • predicts that silver will rise to $40 per troy ounce over the next 12-months based on a combination of sustained strength in investor demand and a recovery in industrial consumption, that $50/ozt is a very realistic target and a rise to $100/ozt. is possible. Source
  3. Peter Krautheditor of the Silver Stock Investor newsletter,
    • believes silver will surpass the 1980 inflation-adjusted price of $120 per troy ounce given is likely to be surpassed given the current bullish economic fundamentals like debt, deficits, spending, interest rates and supply/demand outlook. Source
  4. CoinPriceForecast.com has a proprietary computer program that
    • predicts that silver will hit $30 per troy ounce by the end of 2021, $40 by the end of 2023, $50 within the year of 2024, $60 in 2026, $70 in 2027, $75 in 2028, $80 in 2029, $90 in 2031 and $100.12/ozt. Source
  5. Jeff Clark, a senior analyst with GoldSilver.com, 
    •  confidently predicts that the silver price is going to increase to $30 in 2021 and to +$100 in 5 years timeSource
  6. Philip Newman, a director of Metals Focus, an independent precious metals research consultancy, 
    • sees silver prices pushing “well above” $30/ozt. in 2021. Source
  7. Paul Mladjenovic, author of the book "Stock Investing for Dummies",
    • says that a future silver price of $100/ozt. or more is a possibility in the near future given a market stronger now, especially with problems unfolding with inflation, debt, and spending. Source
  8. Andrew Hecht, who spent nearly 35 years on Wall Street and is now the author of the weekly Hecht Commodity Report,
    • believes silver could see a new record high above the 1980 $50.36 peak in the COMEX futures market in light of silver’s current consolidation and tightening price ranges. Source
  9. Don Durrett, editor of GoldStockData.com and author of the book 'How to Invest in Gold and Silver", 
    • believes that once we get over $30, we will run to $35 for one final pause and then it will be off and running to $50. Source
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William K. 1 week ago Member's comment

Given the actions that have a history of causing inflation, and given that precious metals are a common, and most portable, hedge against inflation, it seems that indeed silver will become a higher priced material. It seem that others have reached a similar conclusion.

But in order to profit from the rise in price there need to be buyers, willing and able to pay the selling price. Otherwise, it is a hedge preserving wealth, not creating it.