Best Canadian Stocks To Watch In 2019

The Canadian economy has been booming in the last couple of years. The country’s laws regarding immigration and taxation have definitely done marvels as a small 30 million population country is now considered as one of the wealthiest in the world.

According to 2017 statistics, the Canadian economy is on a yearly 3% growth trajectory and there is very little that can stop it at this point. The $1.65 trillion recorded in 2017 has grown exponentially by 2019, which is nothing but an indicator that the country’s largest corporations are starting to pump out some serious numbers.

Regardless if you’re a Canadian investor or otherwise, the following companies could prove to be an amazing addition to your portfolio.

Great Canadian Gaming Corporation (GC)

The GCGC is one of the, if not the largest gaming companies in Canada owning multiple landbased casinos all over the country.

The corporation has managed to score locations that are teeming with interested customers. Places like Vancouver, Toronto and Quebec are either a few kilometers away, or the casinos are located right in the center of the city.

The only issue that GCGC was facing in terms of competition was the increased number of online casinos in Canada. Although one may think that it was an easily surmountable issue due to GCGC’s vast amount of resources, it didn’t turn out to be the case because of the local law.

The Canadian gaming law dictates that any and all online operators are required to be located offshore. This naturally, took away a large chunk of the market from GCGC and cost it millions in revenue, if not billions.

However, the implementation of the new taxing laws about cryptocurrency, an asset used very often by Canadian gamblers, is sure to limit the number of customers approaching offshore operators online.

The law is already being acted upon, therefore investors should expect a gradual increase in the GCGC stock price as it starts to cater to more and more local players.

Tourmaline Oil Corp (TOU)

Tourmaline Oil Corp has gone through some tough times in 2018 when it dropped more than 26% but managed to correct itself in the year to follow.

Now, however, the price has yet again spiraled down by around 5% as the global oil markets hit hard against Canada’s energy companies.

However, the company still has a lot of potentials as it will become a reliable source of the commodity once the United States becomes a lot more active in its importing operations.

Nearly 60% of the company’s income is generated through US sales, and it’s going to do nothing but increase in the coming future as the US-China trade war finally wraps up and Trump starts looking for alternative import methods.

Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS)

Nova Scotia never disappoints aside from the debacle that happened in 2018, but at that time nearly all of the large Canadian banks had to face some serious depreciation.

In the coming years, when the economy will move to a more digitalized and fintech oriented framework, it will be the Bank of Nova Scotia that will meet the innovation head-on. Its implementations of the most modern technologies put it in high regard to upcoming customers in the younger generation, therefore more customer acquisition is guaranteed.

However, Nova Scotia is far more popular in the Latin Americas, where it has access to huge markets such as Brazil, while also catering to other countries in the region.

Even if a recession is to hit in the future, Nova Scotia is the most likely bank to survive the onslaught. Otherwise, it has a clear trajectory for growth.

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