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Joining us for a conversation is Bob Moriarty, a world-renowned, best-selling author and founder of the websites 321Gold and

In our last interview: "You Can Take This To The Bank," we discussed Bursting Bubbles. Since then, we've had two significant developments. The first, by the Federal Reserve, implementing an emergency haircut of 50 basis points. And the second is the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Bob, the Fed is saying to the citizens, "We had to reduce rates because of the coronavirus." Was a Fed haircut warranted because of the coronavirus, or because something else that they're not telling us?

Bob Moriarty: Well, I've said in three or four articles recently, governments lie, and they lie about everything. Anybody wants to go back to my site, go to the archives, and on the first of January, I put out a piece saying, "Beware of the stock market," and I said the bubble was going to burst.

We have the highest measure in the Fear and Greed Index that we've ever had, and all you had to do is look at that one indicator and say the Everything Bubble was going to pop soon. The Fed has painted themselves into a corner, and they're trying to pump up the stock market, using interest rates. It's always worked in the past. I've said, multiple times, these things work right up until the time they don't. Clearly now, it hasn't worked, and things are going to get far worse. We're just starting the crash, we're not at the end of the crash.

Maurice Jackson: You know, speaking of that crash, now how does the coronavirus fit into the narrative here?

Bob Moriarty: It's the biggest Black Swan in history, far more dangerous than the governments are telling you. Let me give you some numbers I just pulled up.

On February 29th, the U.S. has 68 confirmed cases. Now, they have 338, that's 4.9 times, in one week. Germany had 79, now they have 670, that's an increase of 8.5 times in one week. France had 100 then, they have 653 now. The best estimates that I've seen indicate the lowest number of deaths will be around 15 million, and that's on the low side. This thing is twice as deadly as the Spanish Flu of 1918, and that killed somewhere between 40 and 100 million people.

Maurice Jackson: What kind of impact will this have on the global economy, basically?

Bob Moriarty: Well, the global economy, as I just said, was a bubble searching for a pin, and it just ran into a giant pin, but it was going to burst anyway. We're going to go through a crash that's far worse than 2008, and that would be true if there was a coronavirus or there wasn't a coronavirus.

Some of the things that are right in front of us and everybody's ignoring is 80 to 90% of medications come from China. And China's going to be shut down for the next three to six months. This is staggering, it's going to be the most significant geopolitical event in history.

Maurice Jackson: That's a very bold statement, sir. We're going to discuss some investment opportunities in a moment. But, what are some common sense, precautionary actions that you're taking, should things turn for the worse?

Bob Moriarty: Well, that's really funny, okay? It's already turned for the worst. I'm over 70, and I'm in a very high-risk category. My solution is to stay off the grid for three to six months. I've spent the last months preparing, and I can stay off the grid for three to six months. But things as simple as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, medication, these are all things that should be available now, but in a week they won't be.

Maurice Jackson: Of the two, I'm assuming, here, from a global economic standpoint, which one as a bigger impact right now, the coronavirus or the Fed?

Bob Moriarty: Oh, the Fed's meaningless. The Fed's pissing up a rope. The Fed's totally impotent.

Maurice Jackson: Well, moving onto investment opportunities, let's begin with TriStar Gold Inc. (TSG:TSX.V)(TSGZF). You had boots on the ground, there, on a site visit on Para State, Brazil. I know you have some exciting intel to share with us. Sir, please introduce us to Tri-Star Gold?

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