Bitcoin Is Still Climbing Toward $21,700

Bitcoin is still attempting to reach $21,700 (BITCOMP). Ethereum (ETH-X) is still trading above $1,750. Cardano (ADA-X) is trading at $0.51. Basic analysis reveals the direction that the markets will travel in. People nevertheless go to great lengths to explain where the price of one cryptocurrency or another will rebound.


On September 16, information on The Merge of ETH is anticipated. This information will determine the course and price of Ethereum and its network will take. On the 22nd, Cardano’s Vasil hard fork is anticipated. This information will indicate the direction in which Cardano’s price is moving.

The month of September for cryptocurrencies may ultimately change the course of the bear market. Giving us solid profits for the final three months of the year. Jerome Powell may opt to raise interest rates by merely 0.5% if the inflation figures were significantly better than anticipated. This move would be positively greeted by the markets because a 0.75% increase has already been included in prices. We might claim that the likelihood of an economic recession is decreasing with inflation decreasing and a healthy job market, and we would start to see a solution to the issue. Since we are merely speculating, it is still unclear how the events will play out. What matters is that prices decline so that the Fed is compelled to slow its expansion.

More About the fluctuating price of Bitcoin

Modification has been made in the price distribution of BTC positions since yesterday. The findings demonstrate that following the U.S. fewer than 25,000 new BTCs were added in 14 hours, which is still a low number for MTA and, to a lesser extent, Asia MTAs. Prices for BTC in particular continue to be in the lead. While the high-hanging BTC has more than half a year’s worth of profitable positions, less than 300 of these chips are down, losing an average of about 21 each hour.

That is unusual, even on the weekend. The biggest recent statistic was certainly the 4,400 total lost chips over the $25,000 held for more than a month, but a closer inspection reveals over 2,500 total BTC under holdings at a cost of $40,000. It is evident that there is little selling pressure on early holdings, greater turnover occurs close to the present contested price, and sales of chips priced between $18,000 and $20,000 have significantly grown.

Even though the price is in a sustained downward trend, the stock exchange is also declining gradually. It can be said that the lower the price, the more intense the desire to buy. Bitcoin itself is in the lower stock exchange inventory. With the increase of long-term holders, the inevitable flow is gradually reduced. The decreases in the flow of accumulated time will change from volume to quality change. The data from long-term holders have unmistakably demonstrated to us that, despite the price volatility, long-term BTC has not faltered and is still on an upward trajectory. According to data from long-term holders, there is an additional 0.04% of BTC in circulation compared to yesterday’s increase of 0.04%, which has not changed for more than 155 days.

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