A New Year Brings New Trading Opportunities

Well it’s official, we are deep into the first month of the New Year and, of course, all the euphemisms are in order, like references to merry-go-rounds and moving much too fast.  However, the fact is that this is another time frame altogether; and the good news is that with each turn of the wheel comes another opportunity.

Now, we know that it is with great clarity that we see all the missed chances to really show up, all the broken promises and all the genuine screw-ups that we made over the past year. So often people look at these issues with great gnashing of teeth and angst ridden assurances that next time will somehow be different; but has it been since the last proclamation in 2017, or ’16, or … ?  What have you formally set out to change and what, if any, changes did you make?  Or, do you choose to ignore the past, turn on automatic pilot and ensure that you are doomed to repeat it.  After a while, even though part of you is perfectly willing to look the other way at this car-crash of a life, another, deeper part of you is not. The healthy, strong and awake self that is willing to do what it takes to make and follow-through with new chances, mend old promises and fix what needs fixing, tries to speak-up only to have its voice drowned out by; ‘I’m too tired, it’s too much, it’s too late…’ or worse, ‘I just can’t.’

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If reading this has left you feeling even more angst ridden, know that it’s not my intention to have you feel more uncomfortable than you may already.  It is my intention to share some good news about a simple way to take one small step in the direction of change; a small step that, if continued, will take you to new heights of growth in your life and in trading. 

Let’s consider what most traders experience when a wayward trade that they believed in; a trade that they began counting profits on before the first tick, that after being filled was a flat loss. After the loss, many might say something like, ‘I should have made a profit, it was a perfect trade!’ Actually, no, you shouldn’t have made a profit. How could it have been any different than what it was? In other words, based upon the personal and market conditions and circumstances you devised just the right plan, entry, time frame and exit to get exactly the outcome that you received. It could not have been any different; yet you kvetch and ruminate even into the next trade about how you were betrayed.  A real life example of this would be the question: How much should you weigh? Most people that are either under or over weight will say that they should be X pounds more or less of their actual weight; but how can that be?  They ate just the right amount of food, exercised just the right amount, and vegged on the couch just the right amount of time to weigh exactly what they do. So, in this situation, as with viewing your past year of hits and misses, they were exactly where they should have been.

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