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After successfully running my printing company for over 12 years, I moved into day trading in 2010. From 2014 I have been day trading as my full-time career.

I am a technical analysist with an eye on the news. My analysis centres on pattern recognition and candle stick formations, ... more


AUD/NZD Trade Of The Week: Looking For A Break Of 1.0928 To See 1.1060 Area
The Aussie has had a strong run last week, and we have moved to good resistance area of 1.0928, with a strong move and the stochastics being overbought, we expect a sell-off early next week.
E A Day Trader's Business Plan
A trading plan is as important as a business plan for any other business. Knowing how you’ll trade, what setups you're looking for, how to decide to enter a trade, exiting a trade, these are all part of your day trading business plan.
Trade Of The Week: GBPUSD - A Break Of 1.3205 And Look For 1.3079 Target Area
It was a strong week for the Dollar, but not for the reasons we expected. The market had priced in the Fed rise and good economic data, it was the ECB that pushed the Dollar higher.
Trade Of The Week - AUD/NZD, Look For A Break Of 1.079, To Retest The 100 Day MA At Around 1.075
Looking at the ’trade of the week’ and the EUR/USD, AUD/JPY, and USD/JPY.
Trade Of The Week - Sell A Break Of Gold 1289.55 To 1282.00
The US Dollar finally slowed down after hitting highs over 95.00 in the DXY. We had conflicting influences on the Dollar, with the new looming trade war, seen as Dollar negative, but a strong NFP Print. The DXY closed at 94.16.
Weekly Review: Trading Forex - Tuesday, May 29
We continued higher in the Dollar index with a 0.6% rise, to close at 94.25, exactly at our area of interest. The Euro lost more ground, mostly due to the Italian situation and the ongoing situation will probably lead to more volatility.


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