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“Is A Smash In The Precious Metals Imminent?” Yes – A Failure Of Epic Proportions
Yesterday when we reported on the latest jump in physical precious metals acquisitions cost we asked if a smash was imminent? Well, overnight there was close to a 15% hit on silver and a $60 drop in gold, close to 30%.
American Silver Eagles Approaching $40 / Gold Eagles Flying Around $2,150 – Is A Smash Imminent?
Physical gold and silver can only sustain the level of acquisitions that is currently happening for so long.
Gold Is Done! The Chinese Have Stopped Acquiring Physical Gold
There is cause for concern with China, the worlds largest gold consumer.
$10 Million Worth Of Silver Bars – Stolen!
How in the world does someone steal $10 million worth of silver bars without someone knowing, seeing or suspecting that something is very, very wrong?
Gold On A Plane Or Perhaps Not
It seems the limited number of global airline flights is beginning to create a new choke point for the precious metals.
Nick Barisheff: Unfolding Pension Collapse – Gold / Silver Update
I sat down with TalkMarkets contributor Nick Barisheff to ask about what he sees in the midst of all the global chaos. Not just with the precious metals market but with the real estate market as well


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Gold Flows East – Silver Follows
5 years ago

well said and thanks for commenting. People are going to awaken to a harsh reality regarding their blips-on-a-screen and paper fiat in their wallet.

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Lyrics are by Michael Jackson, some of the racial slurs are so far out of context it blew my mind. The song was written during the time he was being made out to be a child molester. It shows the depths the elite will reach to destroy careers/ lives.
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This article addresses our lawless banking and ruling class and the devastating impact on our economy and our society as a whole.

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