Former Bond Analyst, Strategist and Equity Trader...Now Owner Of A Title Insurance Firm
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In 1980 I earned an undergraduate degree in economics followed in 1984 by an MBA in finance with a concentration in Public Finance. With this focus on the tax-exempt market I became a municipal bond analyst at Shearson/Lehman Brothers tasked with following both general obligation issuers on the ... more


The Mortgage Market Improves, But The War Rages On
Under the recent CARES Act, homeowners now have the ability to request a payment moratorium for up to 12 months due to a coronavirus-related hardship. There is a tremendous downside to homeowners thinking they’re somehow getting free money.
Rising Rate Of Subprime Credit Card Delinquencies And Charge-offs… An Economic Canary In The Coal Mine?
During the 2008 financial crisis, many consumers faced unmanageable levels of debt that led to real estate foreclosures, an inability to pay other debt and ultimately bankruptcy filings.
Treasury Yield Curve And The Fed Rate Decision: Is The Federal Reserve Caught Between A Rock And A Hard Place?
The conventional wisdom among fixed income market seers is that the Federal Reserve will continue to tighten credit, raising the fed funds target rate multiple more times before they are finished.
Financial Crisis 10-Year Anniversary: What Went Wrong And Can It Happen Again?
While history may not repeat itself for a long time, people, whether investors, homebuyers or speculators, need to understand that there are risks inherent in every decision that we make.
Economic Data That Could Move Bond Yields And Mortgage Rates – Week Of July 9th And 16th
Forecasting and prediction are inexact sciences! That said, and for better or worse, many rely on these forecasts in their decision-making process. One of the best go-to forecasters is Peter Morici.
Blockchain Technology And Cryptocurrency In Real Estate: Ready Or Not, This Is The Future
Real estate transactions have endured the test of time with little to no changes in the last few centuries. But a major change is on the horizon, and real estate professionals across the world are taking note.


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Latest Posts
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The Real Estate Industry: Is It Behind Donald Trump Or Hillary Clinton?
Because business and politics are inextricably linked, who does the real estate industry favor, Hillary or The Donald?
New York City Subway Map Earns The Dubious Distinction Of The Worlds Most Complicated!
In a study of the largest subway systems around the globe, New York City's was determined to be the “most complex metropolitan system in the world”.
Forget The Posturing And Political Games, We Have A Nation To Run! (Video)
For the politicians running for office it's all a game while for us, our lives! But unfortunately it's the three P's of politics that always seem to rule the day... I speak of course of the pandering, promises and political maneuvering that takes place all of the time in Washington...
Elections Have Consequences! (Opinion)
As a society it seems as if more thought is given to dinner decisions than to who is going to be the next leader of the free world! But elections do have consequences!

Work Experience

Hallmark Abstract Service LLC
February 2008 - Present (13 years 10 months)

Hallmark Abstract Service LLC ( was created to serve our clients title insurance and settlement services needs throughout the northeast. 

Our goals are our clients goals. A seamless title experience with no surprises at the closing table. We understand that there are many choices for title, and at Hallmark we differentiate ourselves through the level of our service and our attention to detail.

Exeter Commercial
December 2004 - January 2008 (3 years 2 months)

Formed and led this company as a correspondent lender for small balance commercial mortgage loans.

Was responsible for all aspects of the business day to day and in the role of strategic planning.

Created and marketed a commercial mortgage seminar which was then developed into a DVD program sold through affiliate programs, company website and Amazon.

Proprietary Equity Trader
Opus Trading
January 1995 - November 2004 (10 years)

Proprietary equity trader consistently in the top 10% of my peer group. Was one of the firms trainers teaching traders strategies and techniques to maximize profits while mitigating losses.


1982 / 1984
B.S. Economics
1977 / 1980